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Posted on Aug 6, 2018

Today we celebrate Dr. Andrew Taylor Still's 190th Birthday! The Father of Osteopathic Medicine, a frontier & civil war doctor, surgeon, inventor, author, and the founder of the American School of Osteopathy.

"The fundamental principles of osteopathy are different from those of any other system ...

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Posted on 19-Jun-2018

Happy 144th Birthday to Osteopathy! At 10:00 AM "On June 22nd 1874, I flung to the breeze the banner of Osteopathy." ~ Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy

Island Public School BBQ & Silent Auction

31-May-2018 – 31-May-2018

We are excited to participate in the annual Island Public School BBQ & Silent Auction by donating our osteopathic services to the highest bidder in support of helping raise money for the school. There'll be food, games, bouncy castles and other great line of auctions items to bid on. So enjoy a f...

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Posted on May 7, 2018

Our classical osteopathic treatment is safe and gentle for mothers of all stages (i.e., trying to conceive, pregnant, postnatal, seasoned mothers, and grandmothers), as we know that the gift of good health and well-being is very valuable! Celebrate Mother's Day by referring your friends, mom or g...

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Orde Street Public School Spring Fair

06-May-2018 – 06-May-2018

We are excited to participate again in the 2nd annual Orde Street Public School Spring Fair by donating our osteopathic services to one lucky winner of the raffle draw who will receive a complimentary initial treatment. Come out and support the school and have fun!

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Posted on 14-Apr-2018

Our Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is registered with a recognizable Osteopathic Association - The Ontario Osteopathic Association. This means you can trust that your Manulife health care benefits or any other private health insurance provider with Osteopathy coverage will be reimbursed for oste...

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Inner Peace Osteopathy is inspired by the ancient philosophy that balance and harmony are the truth to good health. We help patients restore the body’s inherent ability to self-heal and self-regulate by removing abnormal imbalances and returning the lost rhythm and natural flow to the body. 
Poor health, pain, and suffering are interpreted as imbalances and disharmony in the whole body which affects our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 


The purpose at Inner Peace Osteopathy, is to understand the root cause(s) of the patient’s health problem rather than bandage the effects (symptoms), so that the individual can achieve their optimal health for life. Through manual treatment, we strive to provide excellent therapeutic care by:
  • Objectively listening to the health needs of the individual
  • Removing structural obstruction to bring balance and stability
  • Integrating and coordinating all systems harmoniously
  • Returning the inherent rhythmicity back to the body


What Is Osteopathy?
The Ontario Osteopathic Association defines Osteopathy as an American science, founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. It is a drugless and non-invasive manual form of therapy which treats the entire body. It follows a set of principles and emphasizes the interrelationship between the alignment of structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) of the body. Intrinsically, osteopathy believes in the body's ability to self-heal and self-regulate.

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy (1828-1917)
After 25 years of thoroughly studying the exact knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Andrew Taylor Still, a physician and surgeon in Kirksville, Missouri discovered and gave to the world the therapeutic healing of Osteopathy in 1874. He adopted the term and meaning in 1889 because he reasoned that faulty positions or adjustments of the bones ('osteon') was the starting point from which he ascertained the cause of pathological conditions, and so combined the 'osteo' with 'pathy' (meaning suffering, disease) resulting in OSTEOPATHY to designate a new development in the science of medicine. 


The approach of classical osteopathy is the holistic integration and coordination of the body, mind, and spirit.

The approach of classical osteopathy is the reliance on the body's natural ability to self-heal and self-regulate and not that of external medication.

The effectiveness of classical osteopathy prevents fixed postural tensions which are physiologically abnormal and can lead to disease. Osteopathic treatment helps to maintain balance, structural stability, and harmonious function of all systems to support a healthier individual.

Osteopathic treatment is precise in improving nerve, arterial, & cerebral spinal fluid supply, and venous & lymphatic drainage in the individual so healing can begin to reverse destructive pathological processes and reduces or elminate pain.   

Treatments are relaxing and help to reduce pain when the patient’s life forces have been diminished due to illness.


Osteopathic care is consistently safe, gentle, and effective. Treatments rendered are specific to each patient’s needs with precision and rational thinking. On each visit, patients are examined and assessed structurally using palpation through a well-recognized system (Osteopathic Structural Examination). Treatments are suitable for:
  • Infants: colic, feeding problems, sleep difficulties, etc., 
  • Children: ear infections, skin irritations, bed wetting, etc.,
  • Youths: growing pains, tissue strains, head injuries, etc.,
  • Post secondary students: poor posture from studying, stress, etc.,
  • Adults: back pains, neck & shoulder problems, headaches, etc., 
  • Mothers: pregnant, post-pregnancy, difficulty breast feeding, edema, painful periods, pelvic pain, etc.,
  • Seniors: joint pains, low vitality, palliative care, etc., 
  • Chronic conditions: fibromyalgia, inflammation, etc.,
  • Acute conditions: accidents, falls, etc.,
  • Reducing or eliminating pain with no trauma
  • Dysfunction: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, respiratory, reproductive, TMJ, etc.,
  • Rehabilitation after sports or dance injuries, repetitive sprains, car accidents, etc., 
  • Maintaining ongoing health for longevity and vitality  

Initial Osteopathic Treatment
The initial osteopathic treatment requires each new patient to fill out an online health history and consent form. Treatments are fully clothed and it is recommended to bring a change of loose comfortable clothing or workout clothes for each treatment to allow the body to be moved. 
Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.
Coverage: Varies by health insurance provider, please check your private health insurance plan details for reimbursement. 

Follow-up Treatment
Follow-up treatments will vary based on each patient’s health needs and their body’s ability to heal. Typically patients will significantly improve after 3-5 treatments. In some serious or chronic cases, a longer treatment plan may be required. 
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes.
Coverage: Varies by health insurance provider, please check your private health insurance plan details for reimbursement.   

MEET NGA LUU, MSc., M.OMSc., (Cert.) OOA

Nga is a result-oriented and trusted Osteopathist who strives to practice by the words of A.T. Still, "Find it, Fix it, Leave it alone." She uses her critical thinking & problem solving skills, the classical principles of Osteopathy, and the art of palpation to search for the cause(s) of each patient's health problems to then rationally apply osteopathic treatment in a skillful and effective system to promote self-healing within the individual. She is honoured and humbled to have studied at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and trained in their student clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. Upon completing the vigorous four year program, she received the Andrew Taylor Still Medal of Honour for the Graduate of the Year in her class. She is a certified professional member in good standing at the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA) and The Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy.


Thank you for your interest! 

Inner Peace Osteopathy is located in the heart of downtown Toronto inside the iconic CF Toronto Eaton Centre, on the 2nd level of the Galleria Offices.
  • On the 3rd level of the Toronto Eaton Centre by Nordstrom (north end of Yonge/Dundas); Take the escalator located by the Trattoria Mercatto restaurant; OR Exit from Indigo American Girl 
  • Take the Galleria Offices' elevator by Zara to 2nd level of the Galleria
  • Enter through the main centre doors and walk to the end of the hall
  • Turn left to the end of the hall
  • Turn left again to the end of the hall
  • Enter though two sets of doors onto the Galleria's pathway
  • Turn right to office 218A

Treatments are by appointments only.

Method of Payment Accepted: Cash, Debit Tap (Interac Flash), Debit Mobile Pay (Apple, Google, Samsung), Interac e-transfer*, Cheque

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